My wife won’t let me hold our newborn – I’m losing out on precious bonding time’

A dad felt forced to go to extreme measures to hold his newborn daughter after his wife refused to let him – but people have been left concerned over her mental health

There’s nothing quite like bonding with your newborn, with every touch bringing you closer to your teeny tiny child.

It’s a time that no parent will ever forget, but sadly one dad has been left feeling like he’s missing out on precious moments with his new daughter – all because his wife won’t let him hold her.

In fact, the desperate dad has felt like he’s missing out on so much, he’s been forced to go to extreme measures just to get a little bit of quality time with his little girl.

“My daughter is two weeks old and I have barely held her since she was born. My wife constantly has her. When I do get to hold her, my wife just starts crying hysterically until I give her back,” the dad explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“I asked her why and she said she was anxious that something would happen to our daughter and that’s why she felt the need to hold her so close.”

The dad tried to reassure his wife that their little girl would be fine in his arms, and even resorted to begging her, reminding her that it would give the mum a break to shower, eat and look after herself too.

“I felt like I was losing precious bonding time with my daughter so I did what I thought I had to do. My wife fell asleep on the sofa with our child, I took her, went to the guest bedroom and locked the door,” the man continued.

“My wife woke up shortly after, very upset of course that our daughter wasn’t with her. She soon realised I was in the guest room and begged me to open the door. She was crying, kicking, and screaming. I didn’t open it though, and spent a good couple hours with our daughter in there.”

The man later received a call from his mum-in-law, who blasted him telling him he shouldn’t have taken a newborn away from her post-partum mum.

My wife has been furious with me and won’t speak and I’m just so frustrated because I really just wanted to spend quality time with my child but maybe that wasn’t the way to do it,” he added, before turning to Reddit to question whether he was in the wrong.

One Reddit user commented: “Your wife needs help ASAP, from an actual therapist or doctor, not you. You both need to come up with coping strategies if she has post-partum depression or severe anxiety.

“You should not antagonise her by locking yourself in a room with your child. Please get some help and eyes on this situation immediately. For everyone’s safety.”

“Is no one else concerned about the safety of the baby? The mother literally won’t put her down. She fell asleep with her. That’s SO dangerous,” another added.

“You absolutely should have taken the baby out of her arms at least for the sake of safety. But locking yourself in a room while your wife is in agony isn’t cool. The baby probably didn’t like hearing panicked screaming/banging etc either. No one’s mental health is being looked after.”